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In Your Research Era: Taylor Swift in Bunch Library Resources

What is Peer Review?

Image via Taylor Swift on Giphy

What even is a peer reviewed article, anyways? Peer reviewed articles are....

Vetted by scholars in their field. Good for finding specific information. Sometimes called:
Before academic journals publish articles, they go through the process of peer review. This means that they're rigorously checked by peers (other scholars) in the field, oftentimes suggesting many revisions before they get published. 

Peer-reviewed journal articles are a scholar's findings about a specific research question. If you want to find information about how Taylor Swift has affected local politics, then an academic article is a great choice. 

If you're looking for an overview of Taylor Swift's albums, a different kind of source might be more useful. 

  • Academic articles
  • Scholarly articles
  • Refereed articles


Searching for Articles

Image by Ronald Woan on Flickr (CC BY-NC)

OK, so now that you know what peer-reviewed articles are, how can you go about finding them? 

Tips for Finding Peer Reviewed Articles

  • Search in library resources. Not everything on Google Scholar is a scholarly source! They just pull from academic repositories (which are sometimes peer-reviewed, and sometimes not). 
  • Use a filter. OneSearch and Databases both have filters that allow you to narrow your results to just peer-reviewed articles. 
  • Think like a scholar! If you're not finding much, try to think about how an academic might talk about whatever you're searching for. 
  • Having trouble? Ask for help! Meet with a librarian or use our 24/7 chat service if you're having trouble finding articles. We're always here to help. 

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