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In Your Research Era: Taylor Swift in Bunch Library Resources


Welcome to your Research Era!

At Belmont University, you'll have access to millions of resources in hundreds of different databases - sorting through them all and finding what you're looking for can be a bit of a challenge. Sometimes, it's helpful to see examples of all the different kinds of sources that you have access to, and that's where this guide comes in.

I'll show you how to find all the different kinds of resources you have access to here at Bunch:

  • Peer reviewed articles
  • Data and statistics
  • Local news stories
  • Primary sources
  • Research help via your friendly librarians!

And to make it more fun for both of us, I themed everything with my favorite artist: Taylor Swift! I hope you enjoy setting off on your Research Era, and I hope that this guide is helpful to you.

Have a question about this guide specifically? Contact the guide creator, Nicole, by emailing her at