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Carlton Young at home by his piano

Image from United Methodist News, September, 2020

Carlton Young Bio


Carlton Raymond Young (b. 1926, Hamilton, OH), known by his close friends and family as "Sam," is considered one of the foremost church musicians of his era in the United States.  Over the course of his impressive career, he edited two revisions of hymnals for Methodists and composed a significant number of choral, organ, and hymn tunes for the church.  He served as Editor and Director of Music Publications for Abingdon Press and Hope Publishing Company and received Composers' Awards from the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers.  To complete his work, he collected a number of rare hymnals, books, and other materials, which he donated to Belmont University in 2017.  For a more complete biography, see his entry in The Canterbury Dictionary of Hymnology.

A sampling of print materials from his collection is available at left.  For a more comprehensive list, search for 'Carlton R. Young' in the library catalog.  The collection also includes two pieces of music manuscript on parchment.  For preservation purposes, they have been photographed and printed copies hung in the Music Library.  The originals are available for viewing by appointment only.

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