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This is a research guide dedicated to providing support and resources for Marketing students at Belmont University.

Activity 1: Book Publications Research

Use the following articles to determine how many new books are published worldwide every year. When you are ready, fill out this Google poll.

A. 4 Million

B. 2.2 Million

C. 1.5 Million

Activity 2: Complex Market Research Scenarios

In groups, consider these six scenarios and how you may tackle researching this topic:

1. I am looking for financial information on IKEA (a private company). Where are two places I can go to get this kind of information?

2. I am interested in pursuing a career in the music copyright industry. How might I find a report in IBISWorld that helps me build an industry report?

3. I want to know more about the Water Park industry (NAICS code 713110.01) closest to Nashville TN specifically. In BizMiner, how might I go about collecting this information, and what caveats should I consider by taking this approach? 

4. I want to start a business teaching online yoga classes through Zoom. Using the "Consumer Values and Behaviour in the USA" country report on Euromonitor Passport, what information about consumers might I get to determine if this service would be of interest to people living in the United States?

5. I am interested in the mobile phone game industry. What information may I find about that industry in Euromonitor Passport? What industry(ies) could either be in competition with this one or possibly influence this?

6. I am working in the airline industry and want to know more about some of the common problems consumers have with the industry. Starting with Statista, where else can I go to get more data and statistics about this industry (hint: start by searching for "flight delays")? SELECT ANOTHER QUESTION ABOVE FOR THIS ONE.