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Finding Images: Home

A guide to finding and using images and visual resources!

Google Image Search Quick Tips

Instead of the usual Google Image Search, try using the Advanced Image Search, which allows you a greater degree of control when searching for images. Remember to always evaluate the website you're getting images from! Just because you found it, doesn't mean it's an appropriate source for college scholarship.

  • Filter by usage rights. Select 'free to use or share', for example, to help ensure you're not stealing images. 
  • Filter by image size. Use this to help ensure you're not using a small, grainy picture.
  • Filter by site or domain. Use .gov or a certain website to only get images hosted by that domain.
  • Filter by region. Useful if you need something from a particular country.

Logo courtesy of Google.


This guide is designed to help Belmont students and faculty find and access a variety of image resources. Explore the tabs to get started finding pictures for your projects, papers, presentations and more! Please contact me using the email link to the right at any point in time. I'm here to help!

Best Bets: Image Databases

Image of the Moment

Le repos by William-Adolphe Bouguereau.1880. Image via Wikimedia.

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