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Architecture: ARC 2031

Getting Started

Need to work on your research project for ARC 2031? The library resources linked below are a great place to get started. Please keep in mind that you'll probably need to consult many different sources - there is probably not one perfect source that contains everything you need to know. 

You can find additional resources by searching in OneSearch - the library's search engine, available on the front page of the library's website. It looks like the blue box below!

Need More Help?

Having trouble? Need some research help? The best way to get some research assistance is by setting up an appointment with Nicole Fox, the architecture librarian. Alternatively, you can send her an email at


Below are some helpful resources you could use for your typology research.

Helpful Books

The library has a number of books that you might find useful for this project. Trying searching for keywords like the name of your typology in our catalog. You can also try "country name" and "vernacular architecture" or "country name" and "domestic architecture".

Below are a selection of ebooks that you might find helpful for this project.

These print books might also be helpful. Come to the library to check one out!

Country Information

The library should have additional items in the catalog about your country. Try searching in OneSearch by using keywords like the name of your country and geography, culture or religion.