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Mendeley LibGuide: Build your Reference Library

User guide for the Mendeley reference management software

Import References from other Managers

Take a Tour of Mendeley Desktop

Add Files to Mendeley

You can add files to Mendeley by:

  • Dragging and dropping a pdf into the middle pane of Mendeley
  • You can also add files by selecting file and then clicking add files or folder. 
  • Another way to add files is by selecting file and then clicking "watch folder" to choose a folder to put on watch. Mendeley Desktop will now automatically add files that are added to that folder.

*Note: not all PDFs have information that can be extracted by Mendeley, and sometimes the citation information will be missing, incomplete, or incorrect. You may have to enter citation information manually, search the Mendeley catalog, or enter the DOI, PMID, or ArcXiv ID under Catalog IDs and use the Lookup (magnifying glass).

Export references directly from other Elsevier products such as Science Direct or Scopus to Mendeley by:

  • When reading an article click the export button then choose "Save to Mendeley"


Export References from Ebsco Databases

In some databases, such as our ProQuest or EBSCO databases, the Save to Mendeley button does not work well. In that case, look for an option like Export / Save Citation, then save or export the citation in RIS format. Depending on the database, either do Direct Export - Open With - Mendeley. Or, save the RIS file and import it into Mendeley by choosing File - Import (or drag the file into Mendeley Desktop).

You can also import citations from a database with the Web Importer bookmarklet. Just click on the Save to Mendeley button on your bookmarks toolbar when you are viewing a citation record or list of search results in a supported database. As you add the citation(s) to your Library, you can choose to put them in a particular folder.

Web Importer Screenshot

Export References Directly from Elsevier Databases like ScienceDirect and Scopus

When reading an article click the export button then choose "Save to Mendeley"

Save to Mendeley icon

Install Mendeley Web Importer

Install the Mendeley Web Importer -- Install the Web Importer into your favorite web browser to import references and documents academic databases.

Save articles to your Mendeley Library as you browse.

Mendeley Suggest

Mendeley Institutional Edition users can now try out "Mendeley Suggest" which suggests new papers based on your library.  
Try it today by clicking "Mendeley Suggest" which is located on the left panel below "Literature Search".

Read and Annotate your PDFs

You can edit PDFs that have been added to your Mendeley Library. You can do this by double clicking to open the file in a seperate tab within Mendeley Desktop. You now have the option to:

  • Highlight text in multiple colors
  • Add sticky notes to specific locations
  • Make document-widevnotes
  • Search within Text