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Christ-centered Teaching Resources: Home

A collection of resources for educators


Cefalu Christus Pantokrator

Cegalu Christus Pantokrator. 

Photo by Andreas Wahra

Edited by Entheta

CC BY-SA 3.0  via Wikimedia Commons.


Welcome to this collection of Christ-centered Teaching Resources.

Resources have been curated by discipline, in addition to tabs for faith-animated approaches to Racial Justice and Purpose & Vocation. Resources include books, journals, organizations, conferences, and multimedia. We welcome your suggestion of other resources to include, which you can send to, Library Liaison for the College of Theology & Christian Ministry. 

Please see below for some general Christian academic resources. 




Faith in Teaching podcast

In this podcast, Kuyers Institute for Christian Teaching & Learning director Dr. David I. Smith talks with researchers and educators who are working to understand how Christian faith affects teaching, learning, and the way we do education.