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Entrepreneurship 3000: ETP 3000

Resources and information for finding data and other materials about a specific industry

Market Research

Demographic Data

Finding Articles

Industry Codes

The North American Industry Classification System (NAICS, pronounced "nakes") is used to classify business establishments with codes of 2 to 6 digits. This system was developed to help with comparing industries across the United States, Canada and Mexico. In many of the library's resources, the NAICS code may be used to search for information about an industry. 

Industry Overviews

Industry Statistics

Citing Reports

IBISWorld report citations in APA format should resemble this:

  • Crompton, J. (2014, December). IBISWorld industry report 51223: Music publishing in the US. Retrieved from IBISWorld Industry Market Research database.

BizMiner report citations in APA format should resemble this:

  • BizMiner. (2014, December). Industry financial report (5 year); [5122] Sector: Sound Recording Industries; sales class: $1 - $499,999. Retrieved from the BizMiner database.

Euromonitor Passport report citations in APA format should resemble this:

  • Euromonitor. (2016, November 25). Health and Wellness Global Performance 2016. Retrieved December 16, 2016, from Euromonitor Passport Database. 

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Useful Periodicals

The following periodicals can be useful for industry research.