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Scaffold the Argument Paper: Topics and Research Proposal

A series of assignments that will guide students through the process of research and writing

Best Practices

Best Practices and Guidelines

Students often find that choosing a topic is the most difficult part of the research process, especially if they are able to choose anything at all to write about. It may be helpful to give students specific parameters for their topics, such as:

  • Connecting a topic idea to personal experience
  • Connecting a topic idea to Nashville/local context
  • Develop a topic from a question sparked by a course reading
  • Connecting a topic to major or career goals

Making the topic parameters more specific may also help prevent plagiarism! 


Possible Assignment

Possible Assignment

Critical Thinking Activity

Critical Thinking Activities

Invite the Writing Center to conduct a topic development workshop! They are fun and engaging and a great way to help students start on their papers. It's also a great way to introduce students to this important campus resource and may encourage them to seek out help from the Writing Center later.