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Scaffold the Argument Paper: Using This Guide

A series of assignments that will guide students through the process of research and writing


Content throughout this guide is helpfully color coded.

Best practices and guidelines are indicated with this red color. We include examples and handouts for your use here. 
Suggested assignments are indicated by the yellow color. 
Critical thinking activities are indicated with this green color. These are workshops or other in-class activities designed to get students to think critically about the research process. Some of these activities are librarian led. 

Getting Started

Welcome to the Argument Paper Toolkit!

The purpose of the toolkit is for faculty and librarians to work together to design a scaffolded argument paper that will help guide students through the research process. That means dividing the large paper into smaller chunks and sequencing them into a logical order. You can also provide scaffolds, or supports, to students by designing critical thinking activities and assignments that help them learn and apply complex aspects of research like how to develop a topic, how to read an article, and how to synthesize information. Students need multiple opportunities to practice these skills. 

The librarians are happy to consult with you on the design of your argument paper assignment. Email to schedule your consultation.