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Reference & Instruction Dashboard: 2020-21: Instruction for BELL Core

A dashboard of statistics for reference and library instruction services

Information Literacy Learning Outcomes for BELL Core

Librarians teach foundational information literacy skills in 3 BELL Core courses, hoping to reach all Belmont students at these designated points in the curriculum, and then building on those skills in the disciplines. Each course has different IL learning outcomes:


BELL Core stats 2020-21

Our goal is to provide instruction to 100% of sections of First Year Seminar (FYS), First Year Writing (FYW), and Third Year Writing (3YW). While our numbers were down in 2020-21 due to the pandemic, we still reached 1,776 students in these three courses.

BELL Core courses that included library instruction

First Year Seminar

The goals for FYS and the instructional materials can be found on the FYS 2020 LibGuide

More details can be found on the FYS Library Instruction Report Fall 2020. Some assessment highlights are below.


The Numbers:

Number of synchronous FYS sessions taught 45
Total number of FYS sections 78
Percentage of FYS classes taught synchronously 58%
Used asynchronous tutorial only 5
Used both asynchronous tutorial and synchronous session 18
Total number of FYS sections with library instruction 50
Percentage of FYS sections with library instruction 64%


Student Feedback

Student reaction to library instruction was overwhelmingly positive.

Some student comments included:

  • I enjoyed that we learned a new technique which I had not heard of before. This helped me with both of my current papers in two of my classes
  • I liked that we were able to see examples of how sources can be used and cited within a paper, and that we were able to learn more about the library's resources
  • I really liked how our instructor incorporated like polls and walked us through a lot of the steps while she shared her screen. It kept it interesting and 'hands on' through zoom
  • I feel very supported and I think the appointments are a great way to help students succeed

BELL Core Stats Last 5 years






62 of 74 (84%)

39 of 49 (80%)

25 of 29 (86%)


67 of 77 (87%)

40 of 49 (82%)

21 of 26 (75%)


69 of 78 (88%)

41 of 50 (82%)

20 of 28 (71%)


69 of 76 (91%)

36 of 54 (67%)

19 of 33 (58%)


50 of 78 (64%)

24 of 50 (48%)

15 of 36 (42%)

First Year Writing

The goals for FYW and instructional materials can be found on the FYW LibGuide

More details can be found on the FYW Library Instruction Report, and assessment highlights are found below.

The Numbers:

  • In the Fall 2020 semester, librarians taught sessions in 24 out of 50 (48%) FYW classes.

  • 23 of these sessions were conducted synchronously online through Zoom. 1 of these sessions was conducted asynchronously through a LibWizard tutorial. 

  • 11 out of 23 (24%) FYW instructors requested library instruction for their classes. 


Student Feedback

Some student comments included:

  • “Before this presentation I was actually fairly intimidated by the aspect of research for a paper, but now I do not feel so overwhelmed. This was very concise and made finding research sources very easy.”

  • “I liked learning about how research is a process, so it is okay to not know where exactly to start, but that it is encouraged to explore and discover where the research takes you. I liked learning about the steps in the research process.”