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Search Strategies

There are 3 main ways that you might search in Scopus:

1. Search for Documents by Topic

2. Search by Author

3. Search for Cited References 

Search for Documents by Topic

To find references on a topic, use the document search. 

Scopus Document Search


The results will be sorted by Date. Use the drop-down menu to sort by other options. 

Scopus Sort


Search by Author

Click on the Authors tab to search for documents by author name. 

Scopus Author Tab


An Author search will look for all the variations of an author name. 

You also have the option to search for an author based on an ORCID identifier

If you get more than one result, there are several features that will help you identify the correct author:

  • To see the title of the author's most recent article, click View last title
  • Look for the subject areas associated with each author
  • Look for the most recent affiliations of each author. 

Scopus author results


Click on an author's name to view their Author Details page, which includes variations of their name, a list of their most recent documents, links to documents which have cited the author's work, and tools to measure and visualize the author's performance. You can also set up alerts to be notified when the author publishes something new or when someone cites the author. 

Author Details Page

Search for Cited References

You can search for the references for Scopus documents as well as the citing documents. 

  • To view references
    • Select one or more documents by checking the box next to the title
    • Click the More.... drop-down menu and then View References


  • To see documents which cite a document in your search results
    • ​Select the document or documents
    • Click View Cited By

Scopus Citation Search