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Research Like a Scholar, Scholar! Introducing College Level Research and Bunch Library: Searching for Information (FYW)

The purpose of this guide is to help you complete research assignments and perform like the scholar you now are!



Welcome First Year Writing students! 

To complete this module you need to:

   1. Watch the "Picking Your Topic" video (3  minutes)
   2. Watch the "Perfect Source" video (2 minutes)

   3. Complete the LibWizard tutorial (6 minutes)

After completing this module you will be able to:

  • brainstorm relevant keywords/search terms
  • identify subject headings and incorporate them into searches
  • use database limiters to add filters and refine search results
  • create effective searches in library databases

#1 - Picking Your Topic IS Research!

#3 - Using Library Databases Tutorial

Finally, please complete the Using Library Databases LibWizard by clicking on the image above. 

LibWizard is an interactive tutorial that will appear on the left  side of your browser. It will walk you through the process of searching a database while the webpage is still active. 

#2 - One Perfect Source?

One Last Thing

This box is for after your in-class library session.

link to post-session survey