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Research Like a Scholar, Scholar! Introducing College Level Research and Bunch Library: Evaluating Information (FYS)

The purpose of this guide is to help you complete research assignments and perform like the scholar you now are!

What you will learn in this module


Welcome First Year Seminar Students! 

Goal for Library Instruction for FYS: For you to become critical consumers of information. Use information with a healthy dose of skepticism

To complete this module, you need to:

  1. Complete the LibWizard tutorial on on Selecting and Evaluating Information (15 minutes)
  2. Watch the Peer Review Video and look at the example of peer-reviewed journal articles (8 minutes)
  3. Watch the Intro to OneSearch video to see how to use the library's Google-like search engine (4 minutes)
  4. Go through the slides to see examples of what your professors don't want to see in your works cited list! (7 minutes)  

After completing this module, you will be able to:

  • match an information need with an appropriate information source
  • identify characteristics of peer-reviewed journal articles
  • evaluate information to determine relevance, authority, and bias



1. Selecting and Evaluating Information

Click here to open LibWizard

LibWizard is an interactive tutorial that will appear on the left  side of your browser.

Follow the prompts to explore different types of information sources. 

3. Intro to OneSearch

One Last Thing - To Be Completed After Your In-Person Library Session!

2. What is peer review?

Check out this video to learn about the peer review process.

So, what does a peer-reviewed article look like?

4. Don't Cite These!

Click through this slide deck to see some examples of what your professors don't want to see in your Works Cited list.