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COM 1100: Informative Speeches

Resources to help you prepare your speeches and presentations


Selected Reference Works

The reference collection is on the first floor of the library, along the east wall behind the pods of computers.  You can find a number of reference works containing biographical information in the CT call number section - this is on the front row of bookshelves.  

Here are a few suggestions:

American National Biography   Ref CT 213.A68

  • People of significance within the United States or whose lives influenced the course of American history
  • Subjects died prior to 1996
  • Categories include art, business, education, law, literature, medicine, performing arts, politics, religion, science and technology, social reform, and sports

Current Biography   Ref CT 100.C8

  • Living leaders in all fields of human accomplishment
  • Published monthly in magazine format for the current year
  • Past years in yearbook format, containing indexes by profession

Great Lives from History   Ref CT 120.G69

  • Individuals whose lives, careers and achievements have been significant, from ancient to modern times
  • Various series including American, American women, Ancient and Medieval, British and Commonwealth, Renaissance to 1900, Twentieth Century

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Catalog Tips

  • A search in the box above will search all resources to which Bunch Library has access, both within the library building and electronically.
  • Use the Advanced Search to customize a search for an individual. Select "Subject contains," then limit results by resource type using the selections on the left.
  • You can also find dictionaries and encyclopedias of biographical information.  Again, select "Subject contains" and enter "biography dictionaries" or "biography encyclopedias" (without quotation marks).