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EndNote: Add References

Help page for EndNote bibliographic management software

Direct Export

You can export references directly from many databases. Just look for the Export tool. 

CINAHL example:

1. Open a browser and go to CINAHL and do a search

2. Open a second browser and login to your EndNote account

3. Click on the title of an article you want and look for the Export tool

A sample article in an EBSCO database. On the toolbar on the right side of the page, the "export" button is circled.

4. A new screen will pop up. Choose Direct Export to EndNote Web and click Save. 

The EBSCO Export screen. The option "Direct Export to EndNote Web is selected.

If you're already logged into EndNote, that screen will open, and you'll see a message that 1 record was imported. Click on My References to see the reference and to put it in a folder. 

EndNote Web's site that opened after exporting the citation. The page indicates that the citation successfully imported from the EBSCO database.

On the My References page, click on Unfiled to see the latest reference. 

The citation from the first picture now on EndNote Web available for use.

From here, you can check the box next to the reference and then click the Add to Group drop-down menu to file the reference. 

Manual Entry

To enter a reference manually:

  • Click the Collect tab; then click New Reference.
  • Select the appropriate reference type. 
  • Enter data into the desired fields.  

The page for manually creating a citation in EndNote. There is a dropdown menu for the source type, but all other fields have a text box to describe the different components of the source.


Capture References

When searching the Web, go to a page that only shows one item.

Then click on the Capture Reference bookmark.

You will be asked to sign in to Endnote web if you are not already, and then the Capture Reference screen will come up.

The pop up window for the Capture Reference tool. There is a Blue box at the top to save the citation, and below are a series of text boxes where users can input the different aspects of the citation (author, title, publisher, etc.,).


Verify the information and click Save To.

Online Searching

EndNote Web is integrated into four databases:

  1. Jisc Library Hub Discover
  2. Library of Congress
  3. National Library of Medicine
  4. PubMed NLM Catalog

To access these databases, select “Online Search” under the “Collect” tab on the EndNote Web toolbar at the top of the page. You will then select one of the four databases to search.

Step one of the online search. This page includes a drop-down menu to select the database to use.

After pressing “connect,” the next page will include a search engine to find the specific article you are looking for. You can search for a variety of fields, including keywords, author, article title, journal, year published, and many more.

Step two of the online search. There are four rows of search boxes and two columns. The left columns include text boxes to put search terms, while the right are drop-down menus to determine if those search terms are keywords, author names, years, etc., below that are two options to either show all the results for that subject or limit it to a certain amount.

Before you search, you can select “select a range of records to retrieve” to limit the search results. Otherwise, the default option “retrieve all records” will make all relevant articles appear in the search results.

Step three of the online search. This page will tell you how many total results there are. Below that are two text boxes where you can put in the range of  how many references to show in the search results.

On the search results page, you can check any of the resources on the list or select “All” to check every source. From there, you can click the “Add to Group” dropdown menu to add all those citations to your references.

The search results for the online search. Each reference has a checkbox to the left of that, where if checked, users can add it to their references by clicking the "add to group" drop-down menu near the top of the page.

4 Ways to Add References

We recommend the following 4 ways to add references into your EndNote Library:

1. Direct Export from Databases

2. Capture from the Web

3. Manual Entry

4.Online Searching