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EndNote: Add References

Help page for EndNote bibliographic management software

4 Ways to Add References

We recommend the following 3 ways to add references into your EndNote Library:

1. Direct Export from Databases

2. Capture from the Web

3. Manual Entry

Direct Export

You can export references directly from many databases. Just look for the Export tool. 

CINAHL example:

1. Open a browser and go to CINAHL and do a search

2. Open a second browser and login to your EndNote account

3. Click on the title of an article you want and look for the Export tool


4. A new screen will pop up. Choose Direct Export to EndNote Web and click Save. 



If you're already logged into EndNote, that screen will open, and you'll see a message that 1 record was imported. Click on My References to see the reference and to put it in a folder. 



On the My References page, click on Unfiled to see the latest reference. 



From here, you can check the box next to the reference and then click the Add to Group drop-down menu to file the reference. 

Capture References

When searching the Web, go to a page that only shows one item.

Then click on the Capture Reference bookmark, or the Endnote icon .

You will be asked to sign in to Endnote web if you are not already, and then the Capture Reference screen will come up.


Verify the information and click Save To.

Manual Entry

To enter a reference manually:

  • Click the Collect tab; then click New Reference.
  • Select the appropriate reference type. 
  • Enter data into the desired fields.  

New Reference