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EndNote: Cite While You Write

Help page for EndNote bibliographic management software

What is Cite While Your Write?

Cite While You Write (or CWYW) is your super-powered writing secret weapon! The Cite While You Write plug-in allow you to instantly insert references and format citations and bibliographies while you write your manuscript.

Setting up CWYW

The CWYW plug-in automatically downloads when you install the desktop version of EndNote. The next time you open Microsoft Word, there will be a new tab for EndNote.

For EndNote Web users, the CWYW plug-in can be found in your web account under the "Downloads" tab. 

Adding citations to a Word Document

Here's a demonstration of the power of Cite While You Write!

Find and Search Citations

Open your Word document. Place your cursor in the text where you want to insert a citation. Click on the EndNote tab in the toolbar to open the menu options, then click Insert Citation

Insert Citation

A box will pop up where you can search for the reference by author or title. Then, select the reference you want and click Insert. 

Insert Citation

Your citation will be inserted into the text, and a bibliography will be started below. 

Insert Citation Formatted

Reformat your Entire Paper and Bibliography with One Click

Reformat your entire paper and bibliography with one click. Choose from available styles. 


Best Practices

EndNote is best used as a software with the Microsoft Word App/Desktop Version. To use EndNote most effectively, we recommend: 

  • Begin a document in Word online in OneDrive â€‹

  • Close the online document and open it in the Word App/Desktop version on your desktop​

  • Use the Word App/Desktop version to utilize EndNote's Cite While You Write feature