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Conversations @ Belmont: Past Conversations

Information about the Conversations @ Belmont program


Fall 2011: Media Rich Projects and Walking the Line of Copyright and Fair Use

  • Alyson Justus, Film and Media Studies Teacher, Franklin High School
  • Joan Lange, Librarian, Pope John Paul II High School

Can the immediacy of digital tools be used to engage students, motivating them to slow down and look more closely at complex literature? This presentation describes how high school English teachers and a librarian collaborated to improve students’ critical reading of soliloquies from Shakespeare's play Julius Caesar.  Using the free digital software Animoto, sophomores combine analysis of literature with selection of  images that enhance meanings of the text, creating a transformative product.

A discussion of respecting copyright and fair use will be presented while showing student movies that add value, transforming images and text.  Sources for images, such as Flickr Creative Commons, Britannica's Image Quest, and Perseus Digital Library will be presented.

Link to Alyson Justus' ppt and handout


Fall 2010: Improve student writing with My Access!

  • Lisa Mosier-Geasley, Oakland High School and Brad Blymier, Regional Field Manager for Vantage learning
    • A showcase of the student-centered software, My Access! from Vantage Learning, the revolutionary program that takes students through the writing process with unparalleled success. With MY Access!®, students are motivated to write more and attain higher scores on statewide writing assessments. Attendees with laptop computers will have a chance to test-drive the software on site.
    • Mid-State Students Sharpen Writing Skills With Program - the story News Channel Five did on Lisa's My Access in the writing lab at Oakland High School


Fall 2009: Great Books, Promoting Literacy Through the Classroom

  • Joan Lange, Pope John Paul II High School
  • Kathy West, East Robertson High School
    • Literature Circle Roles (PDFs below)
    • Literature Circle Score Sheet
  • Additional Information: (PDFs linked below)
    • Top Ten Spark Nots - Books you can't find on SparkNotes (Jan Little, Brentwood High)
    • Wilson Central High Reading List (Ann Nored)
    • Wilson Central High Reading Circle (1st block)
    • Wilson Central High Reading Circle (4th block)
    • Wilson Central High Weekly Book Club
    • John Overton Summer Reading List (Bridget Riley)

Spring 2009: Transitioning to College: Expectations for Freshman Research

  • Jenny Rushing, Reference Librarian, Belmont University - Transitioning to college: Expectations for freshman research (ppt linked below)
  • Panel of Belmont faculty who teach freshmen in First Year Seminar and First Year Writing describe courses, assignments, and expectations for freshman research.


Fall 2008: Plagiarism Patrol: Local success stories for academic integrity

  • Alice Bryant and Donna Clark, Librarians, Harpeth Hall - “Educating Students About Plagiarism”
  • Stephen Womack, English Department Chair, Franklin High School - “Using for plagiarism prevention, online discussions, grading, and peer review”
  • Joan Lange, Librarian, Pope John Paul II High School - “Preventing Plagiarism”

Spring 2008: More Local Success Stories

  • Hannah Little, Librarian, The Webb School - "Facebook Generation: Marketing the library to a socially networked society"
  • Christy Foreman, Librarian, Father Ryan High School - "E-Books in the Reference Collection"


Fall 2007: More Local Success Stories

  • Cindy McCormick and Kim Gaither, Librarians, Ravenwood High School - “RHS's Ten Marketing Strategies for the 21st Century Library”
  • Mildred Tilley, Librarian  Montgomery Bell Academy - “Using a school archive to teach information literacy skills”

Spring 2007: Information Literacy in our Schools-Local Success Stories

  • Maura Rankin, Library Director, University School of Nashville  - "Getting Started - being realistic and still having fun."
  • Joan Lange & Katie Derrick, Librarians, Pope John Paul II High School  - “Cyberbullying Case Study”
  • Cami Townsel, Library Media Specialist, MLK Magnet - "Character Traits: Are the Character Traits which Thomas Day/Elizabeth Keckly Possessed Important for the 21st Century Professional?"
  • Donna Clark & Alice Bryant, Instructional Librarians,  Harpeth Hall  - “Teaching electronic citations with Noodletools”


Fall 2006: Information Literacy from High School to College - Bridging the Gap through Active Learning

  • Jenny Rushing Mills, Reference Librarian, Belmont University
    (PowerPoint file linked below)

Spring 2006: Preparing High School Student for Academic Research

  • Jenny Rushing Mills, Reference Librarian, Belmont University

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