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First Year Seminar - Bisson: Evaluating Information

What you will learn in this module

For your argument paper, you must use at least 5 'substantial' sources. But what makes a source substantial? 

We hope you will evaluate information in two different ways (explained more in the box to the right): 

1) To determine credibility

2.) To determine usefulness for your specific purpose, or for the argument or claim you are making

Evaluating Information

What makes a source substantial?

In Class Activity

Example 2:

John. M Gottman, "A Theory of Marital Dissolution and Stability," Journal of Family Psychology 7, no. 2(June 1993): 57-75, doi: 10.1037/0893-3200.7. 1.57. 

Example 3:

“Many See Potential Harm from Future Gridlock, for the Nation and Personally,” Pew Research Center, Dec. 11, 2014,

Example 4:

Institute for Historical Review: