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FYS Faculty Resources


Hello FYS faculty!

This is a digital handout explaining the library's instruction plan and services for FYS in Fall 2023. There are some quick links to the relevant services in the menu on the left.

If you have any questions, please contact Nicole Fox at

Instruction Plan

This year, the Lila D. Bunch Library is pleased to offer a two-part library instruction unit that can be added easily to any FYS class - no matter what your schedule is like!

What is it?

  • Asynchronous tutorial demonstrating how to evaluate sources for both reliability and usability. 
  • Featuring a fun Taylor Swift Eras Tour sample topic
  • Easily award credit for completion by asking students to upload their Certificate of Completion

Check out the tutorial here!

What is it?

  • 20 event series hosted in the Lila D. Bunch library
  • Covering a huge variety of topics: introduction to the library, finding books, citations, Google Scholar and more!
  • Lets your students get a head start on Well-Core attendance
  • Easily award credit for event attendance by having students upload their co-curricular transcript

Check out the full calendar here!

You can customize this instruction to best suit you and your class's needs. If you're not sure what to assign, the Library recommends:

  1. Assigning the What is a Substantial Source tutorial as they begin working on their argument paper 
  2. Asking your students to attend any 2 Rock Your Research events.

The Hub

So where do students find everything: the tutorial, the calendar of Rock Your Research events, information on how to get credit for attending events, the FYS movies, etc?

Simple: they just need to check out the Library Research Hub! Every student in FYS will also be enrolled in the Library Research Hub. Just ask your students to refer to the Hub for the tutorial and other library resources. 

What is it?

  • A special course designed to serve as a reference and communication point for FYS students engaging in college-level research for the first time
  • Contains information on how to navigate the library's website, resources, catalog, and how to get help from a librarian. 
  • Also contains all the links they need to access the tutorial, attend Rock Your Research events, and find links to stream the FYS movies. 


FYS Movies

The FYS Movies have been added to a list in Leganto, the library's brand new digital course reserves platform. The list is available here if you want to add a link to your course. You can also search for the list in Leganto from your course, or simply refer students to the Library Research Hub.