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Reference & Instruction Dashboard: 2020-21: Instruction for WELL Core

A dashboard of statistics for reference and library instruction services

Summary for 2020-21

WELL Core Events 6 Student attendance 1036


Event Topics

We select topics for WELL Core events that are related to some aspect of digital and information literacy and current events that we are unable to address in the course-integrated instruction that we offer. This year's events included the following:

  • Sifting Through the Coronavirus Pandemic: Learn the Skills to Sort Fact from Fiction on the Web
  • Researching Current Events: Finding Scholarly Sources for News Stories
  • Using Library Resources to Stand Out in your Job Search
  • Fact Check Like Your Vote Depends on It! Information and Web Literacy for First Time Voters
  • Show Me the Numbers!: How to Find Data and Statistics
  • Sorting Truth From Fiction: Data Literacy and Reading Charts


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