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Reference & Instruction Dashboard: 2020-21: Instruction in the Disciplines

A dashboard of statistics for reference and library instruction services

Highlighted Programs

This page highlights programs with well integrated information literacy plans. As disciplinary programs have different research and instruction needs, these examples can serve as models for other programs looking to integrate more information literacy instruction. 

Information Literacy for Undergrad Nursing

Sequenced, Asynchronous Instruction

In 2020-21, instruction was delivered to nursing students in 3 courses. In each course, students completed a self-paced, asynchronous tutorial. 

Information Literacy for Theatre and Dance

Sequenced Instruction with Embedded Blackboard Support

in 2020-21, instruction was offered in 3 undergraduate courses:

Information Literacy for Music

Sequenced Instruction with Embedded Blackboard Support

In 2020-21, instruction was offered in 7 different undergraduate courses and 1 graduate course:

  • MUH 1200: Intro. to Music History (10 sections), 227 students
    • all synchronous online class sessions
  • MUH 2200: Music History, 1700-present (4 sections), 100 students
  • MUH 3200: Music History, ancient-1700 (2 sections), 43 students
  • MUH 3210: Evolution of Popular Song (2 sections), 40 students
  • MUH 4110: History of Commercial Music (2 sections), 39 students
    • 2 synchronous online class sessions
  • MUS 5010: Intro. to Music Research (graduate - 1 section), 15 students
    • 5 synchronous online class sessions