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HIS 3050: Home

Resources to help you complete the assignments in HIS 3050

Library Resources

Oxford English Dictionary
   Available in print in the Reference Section, first floor of Bunch Library
   Also online - see link below

Reference Work Assignment
 Find sources in the history area of the Reference Section (letters D, E, and F) and in areas related to your topics, e.g. labor, education, health care

Index Assignment
   Suggested databases - JSTOR, Project MUSE, Academic Search Premier
   See links below

Problem/Hypothesis Assignment
   Use the library's online catalog to search for books on your topic.
   *Search in OneSearch on the library's home page.
   *On the results list, click on "Library Catalog" at the top of the screen.
   *Create a list by clicking the push pin icon to the right of each title. This puts the title on your list. You can view the list by clicking on the push pin icon at the top of the screen. At the top of your list, click on the three dots to print or email the list.

Newspaper Assignment - links below
   *New York Times on microfilm
   *Historical New York Times database - search by dates; open Page View to see an entire page of news
   *Times of London Archive - works the same way as the Historical NYT
   *Chronicling America: Historic American Newspapers - search newspapers from 1789-1949; click on each thumbnail image to view the paper

Biographical Resources
   Literature Resource Center - see link below
Samples of Book Reviews
These journals are available in Bunch Library:
American Historical Review - print and online
*Reviews in American History - print and online
*William and Mary Quarterly - online only, access through JSTOR

Ask a Librarian

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