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Archives and Special Collections Holdings: Belmont University's Presidents

Belmont University Presidents

Belmont College for Young Women 1889-1913


Ms. Susan L. Heron and Miss. Ida E. Hood - Founders and Co-principals: 1889-1913


Ward-Belmont 1913-1951:

President Ira Landrith: 1913-1914


Dr. John Diell (J.D.) Blanton: President 1914-1933


Dr. John Wynne Barton: 1933-1936


Andrew Bell Benedict:1936-1940


Dr. Joseph E. Burke: 1940-1945


Dr. Robert C. Provine: 1945-1951


Belmont College 1951-1992

Mr. John Cottrell, Dr. Warren F. Jones, and Dr. Clarence P. Denman, The Tower, 1951. 

Dr. Warren F. Jones - Acting President 1951, He was also President of Union University in Jackson, Tn at the same time.  While he was at the other university, Dr. Clarence P. Denman, acting dean of Belmont College, served as President.  

Dr. Clarence P. Denman, Interim President (Fall 1951-Sumer 1952) 


Dr. R. Kelly White: 1952-1959 


Dr. Herbert Gabhart: 1959-1982


Dr. Bill Troutt: 1982-1999*

*During President Troutt's time in office, Belmont College became Belmont University. 


Belmont University 1992 - Present Day

Dr. Bob Fisher: 2000-2021


Dr. Gregory Jones: 2021-Present