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Open Access

A guide to open access publishing

Belmont Open Access Publishing Fund

Bunch Library has established an Open Access Publishing Fund in order to support Belmont authors to publish and disseminate their works to a wider audience through open access journals. Funding is on a first come, first served basis, beginning June 1 of each fiscal year. 

(policy last reviewed 9/21/23)


Who is eligible?

  • All full-time Belmont faculty, professional staff, and students.

What is eligible? 

  • Peer-reviewed journal articles accepted for publication in open access or hybrid journals that charge a publication fee associated with making an article freely available.
  • Eligible journals must meet standards of quality as described in Appendix A of the Faculty Handbook
  • Articles must be made freely available on the web at the time of initial publication, with no embargo period.
  • Costs for submission fees, reprints, color illustration fees, non-open access page charges, administrative charges and other fees are not applicable.
  • Funds can only be used to pay author processing charges for articles that have been accepted but not yet published.

Funding and Requirements

Funding Levels:

  • The fund will provide up to $3000 per article. As funds allow, exceptions will be considered for requests above this cap. 
  • Authors must exhaust other funding avenues (e.g., grants) before applying for funds. 
  • Belmont authors may request funding for two articles per fiscal year, for a maximum of $6000. 

Requirements for subsidized authors: 

  • Authors who receive funding should consult with librarians before signing the author agreement to ensure that the paper can be made available in the Belmont Digital Repository.
  • Authors who receive funding are encouraged to make a copy of the paper available in the Belmont Digital Repository.

Intermural collaborations: When an article is co-authored by scholars from different institutions, how are they supported by the Fund?

  • If the Belmont scholar is the first author, they are eligible for full payment of publishing fees.
  • If the Belmont scholar is not the first author, they are eligible for a prorated portion of the publishing fees.

Application and Review Process


Review Process 

  • Requests will be reviewed by library faculty including the college library liaison, the Director of Library Services, and the Scholarly Communications Librarian along with the College Dean.
  • The review process will take approximately two weeks.