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BUCOP Citation Guide

A guide for citing sources and formatting references based on the AMA Manual of Style (10th ed)

Introduction and General Guidelines

This guide is based on the AMA Manual of Style: A Guide for Authors and Editors, the BUCOP standard for citation and reference format. Complete online access to the Manual is provided by Bunch Library through the link. This guide will give examples to common questions about AMA, but the Manual should still be consulted for more detailed information. 

General Guidelines:
  • List references as superscripts at the end of sentences or phrases. Example.1,3-5,8
  • List author names with the author’s last name followed by initials, no periods. Example: Ficzere CH, Ness GL.
  • Retain the spelling, abbreviations, and style for numbers used in the original article title, book title, parts of book, or other material.
  • For journal article titles and chapter titles in books, capitalize only the first letter of the first word in a title and subtitle.
  • For journal titles and book titles, capitalize all main words.
  • Do not use quotation marks in the citation.
  • Reference the most specific part when possible (i.e., cite the monograph within the online database, not the entire database or cite the chapter within book.)

The template for this guide was provided by AH Sheehan and VJ Killion, Purdue University,
revised by JR Mills and GL Ness July 2014; 
revised by KS Claussen January 2016.

Standard Rule for Listing Authors/Editors

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