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Music: Convocation

Begin your musical tour here. There's more to music than just notes!

Welcome and Instructions

Still working on your convocation requirements?  This page will help you find convo videos in the library and online.

**NOTE: Only students who have received permission to complete the video requirement will receive credit. No exceptions will be made**

Contact the Office of Convocation for more information:

**If you still have time for convocation in-person, check out the Convocation Calendar

In the Media Center

To access these videos, please visit the Music Library Research Desk on the 3rd floor of Bunch Library.  

**All videos are on reserve and for in-house use only**

Global Citizenship, Leadership, Diversity, and the Professions:

  • “The Myths of Happiness,” Liah Kraft-Kristaine
  • “AIDS: Changing the Rules”
  • “Academic Integrity”
  • “Masquerade: Unveiling Our Deadly Dance with Drugs and Alcohol”

Christian Faith and Tradition:

  • “From Jesus to Christ” Part I
  • “From Jesus to Christ” Part II
  • “From Jesus to Christ” Part III
  • “From Jesus to Christ” Part IV
  • “When Bad Things Happen to Good People”

Society and the Arts & Sciences (The Adventurers Series):

  • “Neil Armstrong: Reluctant Hero”
  • “Thor Heyerdahl: Across the Sea of Time”
  • “The Piccards: To the Ends of the Earth” 
  • “Hillary and Tenzia: Climbing to the Roof of the World”
  • “Richard Byrd: Alone in Antarctica”

Creative and Performing Arts (Lost Treasures of the Ancient World Series):

  • “Ancient China”
  • “Samurai Japan”
  • “Empires of the Americas”
  • “Ancient India”
  • “The Celts”
  • “The Dark Ages”

Online - Global Citizenship, Leadership, Diversity, and the Professions

Online - Christian Faith and Tradition

Online - Creative and Performing Arts