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Begin your musical tour here. There's more to music than just notes!

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Finding Books in Bunch

To find books in our Library Catalog, try searching for words like "music," "musical theatre," "music performance," or "music business."  Think of keywords related to your topic, and use those to search.  Pay attention to the right-hand limiters to narrow or broaden your search, and as always, ask a librarian if you need help!

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How the books are shelved

Did you ever wonder why we ask people not to reshelve the books they're browsing?  Like racecar driving, surgery and bomb detonation, you shouldn't attempt unless you're a professional! This video from the University of Arkansas explains all.

Library of Congress Class "M"

The books in Bunch are all arranged by subjects, according to Library of Congress classification.  All music books begin with the letter "M", which breaks into three categories:

M  is for notated music

ML is for books on the various aspects of music -- history, criticism, biographies, etc.

MT is reserved for instruction and study -- Books on technique, teaching, theory and arranging,  and even some printed music as well (etudes, studies, exercises, etc).


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