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Copyright and Fair Use: Introduction

Resources to help with questions of copyright and fair use in an academic setting.

Belmont Policies

Belmont faculty, staff, and students should first consult the university's copyright policies:

*This guide does not supply legal advice nor is it intended to replace the advice of legal counsel.

Want to copyright a work on your own?

Officially register your work with the U.S. copyright office.


Share your work with a Creative Commons license 


Several other university copyright guides were used as templates for the creation of this guide. Many thanks, especially to the following two who granted us permission to adapt their content:

Copyright Basics, NYU, created by April Hathcock

Copyright and Fair Use for Faculty, California State University, Long Beach, created by Tracey Mayfield


Welcome! The purpose of this guide it to give faculty, staff, and students at Belmont a basic understanding of copyright law and fair use. 

You may be thinking if the use if for educational purposes then it's fair use, but you may or may not be correct! There are still limitations, even for educational uses. 

While copyright issues can be complex, everyone needs to understand the basics. Failure to comply with copyright law can lead to substantial legal penalties for both you and the university. 

Other parts of this guide provide further information on:

  • understanding and applying Fair Use
  • determining when you need permission to use copyrighted works and how to get it
  • managing your own copyrights and understanding your rights as an author


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