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Information Literacy at Belmont: IL in the BELL Core

Belmont's Information Literacy program. Information for faculty.


Research Like a Scholar!  

Freshmen are introduced to the library and to college level research in their first semester with the Research Like a Scholar Tutorial

The tutorial is delivered to students in First Year Seminar and First Year Writing. Prior to their in-class instruction session, students are required to that guide students through the research process while teaching them how to use Bunch Library. Content is delivered through text and short videos with direct links embedded to relevant library resources. 


Information Literacy and the BELL Core

Information literacy instruction is integrated into the BELL Core so that all students will build a set of skills and competencies throughout the curriculum. Learning outcomes based on the ACRL Frameowork have been identified for freshman and junior level BELL Core courses.

Targeted Gen Ed Courses

Information Literacy skills are integrated into the following courses:

BEL 1015 (First Year Seminar)

ENG 1010 (First Year Writing)

ENG 3010 (Third Year Writing)

Subject Guide

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