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Technical support guide for the use of eBooks and eBook reader software.

Download eBooks

Download the Adobe Digital Editions app from the App Store (it's free!).

Click the button on the top left that looks like three bars of equal length.  Choose Settings, then choose Authorize to sync your app to your Adobe ID. 

If you don't have an Adobe Digital ID, create one here or through the app.

When authorizing your device, keep the vendor field set to Adobe ID.  Once authorization is complete, a pop-up box that reads "This device has been activated" should surface.  Press OK.

Now any eBooks you add to Adobe Digital Editions (signed in with your ID) on any platform including PC, Mac, or EBSCO eBook collections can be synced to your device. 

If your recent purchases, downloads or checkouts aren't showing up, simply swipe down on the main bookshelf screen or click the button in the top left corner and press Refresh to re-sync.

Download the Adobe Digital Editions application here.

Once you've installed Digital Editions, open the application.  Click  Help > Authorize My Computer.  Enter your Adobe ID or create one here.

Click Library > Preferences and make sure the "Automatically download..." box is checked.

If it is checked, then your Digital Editions Library is synced between your mobile device(s) and your PC.

If you're not using a mobile device to sync your library and would just like to read eBooks on your PC,