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FCoM Faculty Resource Training

A guide to using library resources for teaching for faculty in the College of Medicine

Register for an UpToDate account

Register for an Account

1. Click UpToDate to access through the Belmont Libraries.

2. Once on the main UpToDate page, click Register in the top right corner.

3. Use your Belmont email address to register.


Logging into UpToDate

1. Click UpToDate and enter your MyBelmont credentials.

2. Login using your UpToDate usesrname and password.

     *Use this same username and password to login to the UpToDate mobile app


Logging into the UpToDate mobile app

1. Go to Google Play or the App Store and download the app.

2. Enter your UpToDate username and password.

IMPORTANT: In order to continue using the app, you must login to UpToDate through the Belmont Libraries every 30 days.