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FCoM Faculty Resource Training

A guide to using library resources for teaching for faculty in the College of Medicine

Using the Bookshelf

The default view in ClinicalKey Student is the web view. The Bookshelf is an e-reader that opens in a new tab allowing you to create annotations within the text, create bookmarks and flash cards and use the read aloud feature. 

To use the features of the Bookshelf, you must first add a title by clicking Add to Bookshelf.

Then, to launch the Booksshelf, click View in Bookshelf

When you view a book in the Bookshelf, you'll see the table of contents on the left. To access the tools (Highlights, Notes, Bookmarks, and Flashcards), click in paper/star icon in the top right corner. 


Simply click and drag text you want to highlight. A box will pop up with additional options to Add Note, Copy, Create Flashcard, or Read Aloud From Here. 


Flash Cards

See brief video, Repetition is a great way to learn, on the Student Hub.

To create a flashcard, first highlight some text. Then, select Create Flashcard from the pop-up box. 


Name the deck. Then, select the text you want on the back of the flashcard by clicking and dragging, and select Copy in the pop-up box. Paste to the back of the card and click Save.


Add multiple cards to a study deck. Remember, that each deck is associated with one textbook, so to get back to them you must first open the book in the Bookshelf.