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FCoM Faculty Resource Training

A guide to using library resources for teaching for faculty in the College of Medicine

ClinicalKey Student

What is ClinicalKey Student?

ClinicalKey Student is a multi-purpose medical learning environment that enables students to Assess, Review and Study to build knowledge, confidence and skills through foundational books, an e-reader, flash cards, a question bank, and a performance dashboard. The ClinicalKey Student link on the library website will take you to the student version. The faculty version is only accessible through the LMS.

See a list of unique book titles (in white) available in ClinicalKey Student.

ClinicalKey vs. ClinicalKey Student: What's the difference?

ClinicalKey ClinicalKey Student
ClinicalKey streamlines access to consistent, evidence-based information to help clinicians do just that. ClinicalKey enables students to Assess, Review and Study to build knowledge, confidence and skills, in a single experience. Part of the ClinicalKey family, which enables seamless access from day 1 at medical school, through residency and into clinical practice.

From quick answers at the point of care to leading full-text reference material, it delivers trusted content to support clinicians and those in training who need to:

  • Stay abreast of rapidly expanding clinical knowledge
  • Quickly confirm diagnosis and treatment information
  • Advance critical thinking skills and research
  • Continuously updated as new information is published
  • Intuitive interface serves up the most relevant content
  • Smart search technology for quicker answers
  • Earn continuing education as you search
  • Personalization and sharing features

ClinicalKey Student at a glance:

  • Acclaimed textbooks covering medical specialties, including Gray’s Anatomy for Students and Medical Physiology
  • Quick access summaries of common diseases
  • Access to high-resolution images, unlocked and discoverable for visual learning
  • Save Faculty and student time: Presentation maker tool
  • Enhance lectures using copyright cleared images
  • Access to videos ranging from practical demonstrations of anatomical dissections to instructional clinical examination examples
  • Integration feature with LMS to create assessments and monitor student performance