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FCoM Faculty Resource Training

A guide to using library resources for teaching for faculty in the College of Medicine

Find Full Text with a Browser Extension

Streamline the process of finding full text PDFs by using a browser extension, which will enable a full text button to appear whether you are viewing articles in library databases, through PubMed, or from a Google search. 

LibKey Nomad

LibKey Nomad is an extension for we browsers to help you find full text articles quickly and easily.

  • After you install and configure LibKey Nomad, it will automatically scan for PDFs wherever your browse
  • Look for the LibKey Nomad button on publisher websites as well as PubMedScopus, and Wikipedia

LibKey Nomad: Getting Started in Two Minutes


Go to Scroll down to find the download link for your preferred browser.

Click the Add extension button

To select organization, start typing Belmont, and then select Belmont University.

  • On your browser's extension page, ensure that LibKey Nomad is turned on
  • LibKey Nomad is now active and will automatically scan for full text articles

How It Works

LibKey Nomad makes your search easier by scanning the page to see what full text articles you have access to.

Click the Download PDF button to get immediate access. 


Access Options

An alternate icon, Access Options, will appear if a PDF is not found.


Select this option, and LibKey will show you what options are available for locating or requesting the full text. In the example below, the only option is to place an Interlibrary Loan request.


In PubMed, the LibKey Nomad button shows up under each reference. 

In Wikipedia

  • References with full text articles available through Bunch Library will display the Libkey Nomad button
  • Click the button to access the full text article