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BILS (Building Information Literacy Skills) Tutorial

A text and video tutorial that will introduce students to the research process and Bunch Library

Picking a Topic Is Research

Databases for topic exploration

Search for Books to Explore Your Topic

Search OneSearch for books or ebooks on your general topic. Books are great sources to get you started. You will often find an overview of your topic, and maybe one chapter on a more specific aspect of your topic that you can focus on. And you have a source that you can actually cite! (unlike Wikipedia :)

After you enter your search terms, use the filters on the left to refine your search to Books/Ebooks.

Search for books/ebooks in OneSearch

Search OneSearch for articles, books & more

Narrowing an example topic: Music Business

Do some pre-research to help you explore a topic. Skim some general sources (books, encylcopedias, websites) to understand the many issues related to the general topic. Looks for the "who, what, where, and when" of music business.

Make a list of possible topics:

  • History of music business
  • Music in the digital age
  • Copyright and music
  • Branding and marketing in music

Choose the topic you're most interested in, music business in the digital age, and do some more pre-research to help you further narrow the topic:

  • Indie labels and the digital age
  • Social media and music business
  • Music sharing and illegal downloading
  • Future of record labels

Researchable question: Is the digital age causing the creation and distribution of music to be so simple that the value is diminishing?