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Faculty Information: Ordering Materials

A guide designed to show you what Bunch Library can do for you!

Faculty Order Coordinators

Each department has a Faculty Order Coordinator who helps with selection of materials for their discipline.  The order coordinator receives reviews for materials, receives requests for library materials from department faculty, attends library meetings related to collection development, and communicates information to department colleagues.  You may submit requests for any type of library material - books, journals, ebooks, or audiovisual media - to your order coordinator.  S/he will forward your requests to the library's acquisitions staff.

Acquisitions Help


Library Staff: 

Sue Maszaros, Director of Library Services, ext. 5496

Laura Price, Assistant Collection Management Supervisor for Acquisitions, ext. 5529

Allison Kee, Assistant Collection Management Supervisor for Serials, ext. 6182

*Courtney Fuson, Education and Electronic Resources Librarian, ext. 5492

*Courtney manages the library's databases.   She handles new subscriptions, trial subscriptions, and cancellations for all databases.

Collection Development Tools

Access to this resource is available on and off-campus, but you will need to create an account while on campus to access the content from off-site. Here is the link to register for your account:‚Äč

Attached is information from the Choice Website on how to create alerts for reviews in your discipline. For additional help, please see the User Guide and FAQ page:

How It Works

You may request materials for the library to purchase and add to its collection.  You may find these materials through publisher websites, advertisements, articles, reference lists, personal recommendations, or other reliable reviewing sources, including reviews that library staff provide to your library faculty representative.

You will submit all requests to your order coordinator.  Please include as much information as possible about the requested item - title, author, editor, ISBN, publisher, edition, format, etc.

Once a request is received in the library, acquisitions staff will research availability and best price for the item, and the order process will begin.  If the item is not available or will take an especially long time to arrive, your order coordinator will be notified and asked how to proceed.

Should you need a rush order, please indicate that information when making your request.  We will do our best to expedite the order.  In some cases, an interlibrary loan may be an alternative.

Order Request Forms

Serial Requests:  
For journal requests: 

Book Requests:
For rush orders and single title material requests:

Database Requests:
For database requests:

Important Dates

Fiscal year runs June 1 to May 31

June 1-September 30serials/subscription additions/cancellations/changes.

  • September 30 – Last day to submit all serials/subscription orders and cancellations for the calendar year.

June 1- December 15 – firm order submissions.

  • December 15 – Last day to submit bulk (90%) of firm orders for the current fiscal year.

December 16-January 31 – last six weeks for firm order and database order requests.

  • January 31 – Last day to submit final 10% of firm orders.

*NEW*  FOR DATABASES - New subscriptions will start either January 1 or July 1.

  • November 10 - Last day to submit request form for review before January 1 start.
  • April 10 - Last day to submit request form for review before June 1 start.