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Music: FYS Movie Series

Begin your musical tour here. There's more to music than just notes!

FYS Movie Series

This page contains the dates and times of the FYS Movie Series.

*Except where otherwise noted, all films are shown in the Multimedia Hall (MMH) on the second floor of Bunch Library.

**If the film is not in the MMH, it will be shown in Media Room B on the third floor of Bunch Library (as noted).

**All showings begin at 7:00pm.

Movie dates and times

Day Date Movie Location
Wednesday September 6 Spotlight MMH
Thursday September 7 Baraka MMH
Monday September 11 The Lives of Others MMH
Tuesday September 12 Memento MMH
Wednesday September 13 Moonlight MMH
Thursday September 14 Captain Fantastic MMH
Monday September 18 Spotlight MMH
Tuesday September 19 Baraka MMH
Wednesday September 20 The Lives of Others MMH
Thursday September 21 Spotlight MMH
Monday September 25 Moonlight MMH
Tuesday September 26 Captain Fantastic MMH
Wednesday September 27 Spotlight MMH
Monday October 2 Baraka MMH
Tuesday October 3 The Lives of Others MMH
Wednesday October 4 Memento MMH
Thursday October 5 Moonlight MMH
Monday October 9 Captain Fantastic MMH
Tuesday October 10 Spotlight MMH
Wednesday October 11 Baraka MMH
Thursday October 12 Spotlight MMH
Monday October 18 Memento MMH
Tuesday October 19 Moonlight MMH
Monday October 23 Spotlight MMH
Tuesday October 24 Baraka MMH
Wednesday October 25 Spotlight MMH
Thursday October 26 The Lives of Others MMH
Monday October 30 Spotlight MMH
Tuesday October 31 Moonlight MMH
Wednesday November 1 Captain Fantastic MMH
Thursday November 2 Spotlight MMH
Monday November 6 Baraka MMH
Tuesday November 7 The Lives of Others MMH
Wednesday November 8 Memento MMH
Thursday November 9 Moonlight MMH
Monday November 13 Captain Fantastic Media Room B
Tuesday November 14 Spotlight MMH
Wednesday November 15 Baraka Media Room B
Thursday November 16 The Lives of Others MMH
Monday November 20 Memento MMH
Monday November 27 Moonlight Media Room B
Tuesday November 28 Captain Fantastic Media Room B
Wednesday November 29 Spotlight MMH
Thursday November 30 Baraka MMH